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1. With Happy Birthday Post you can schedule personalized birthday wishes for each of your friends in just minutes!

2. Simply connect to Facebook and choose which friends you want to say happy birthday to.

3. Your scheduled birthday messages will be posted on your friends' walls on their birthdays - from you!

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Schedule And Post Custom Happy Birthday Messages On Facebook

Did you know there are more than 800 million people using Facebook? And the average Facebook user has more than 130 friends! Thats a whole lot of birthdays to remember!

At Happy Birthday Post we are striving to make your life just a little bit easier. We know its hard to remember birthdays - and posting happy birthday wishes for all your friends takes a lot of effort. We also know it sucks when you forget to say happy birthday to a close friend. You have enough to remember, so let us help you out a little!

Simply login to Happy Birthday Post with your Facebook account and you will never forget another birthday! Don't worry, we aren't going to spam you! And we will never post anything from your account unless you tell us to. Best of all, Happy Birthday Post is 100% free forever! With just 5 minutes on Happy Birthday Post you will save yourself loads of time in the future. More Importantly, you will never have to face the embarrassment that comes from missing your friends birthdays — You're Welcome!

Birthday Messages

Find the perfect happy birthday messages in our categorized list of birthday wishes. With Happy Birthday Post you can set a default message or customize unique birthday wishes for each friend. Remember every happy birthday message you post from Happy Birthday Post will appear to come directly from you!